I am the universe

I am the universe
aware of itself
and that’s meaning enough

I mean we look
we search we beg
for answers we can’t find

We want we wish
we demand that
this has to mean something

If we have a higher self
shouldn’t there also be
a grand and higher purpose?

Is the universe mean
to hide the meaning
from our understanding?

Or is it time to understand
that we shape the universe’s
experience of itself?

And as creators of the universe
can’t we do what we can do
to make it the best we can?

And then just let it go
and be the universe
experiencing itself

time ee’s honey

am i selfish
yes and you
and we too

many words
selfish saying
what wants to

forget time flies
love honey
catch them

in the act
yes it was
that not that

love can’t
help but draw
thin lines

Pill Bug’s Last Dance

Somewhere, a man jumps up
to dance for joy
inadvertently smashing
a pill bug beneath his feet

Everyday Rarities

On rare and everyday mornings
love comes tapping at the window.
Will you open the pane to experience
or embrace the inevitability of regret?

Big Bang

God sneezed

God’s Whisper

Do you hear God’s whisper?
Or is that your neighbor?
What’s the difference?
Who is your neighbor?

Mind Shine

Like a rum runner
I hit the gas
and race through hills
on dark dirt roads

then …

She stills my mind
like moonshine
better than booze
she stills me

Edgefest (April 30, 2016)

Gone to the anthill to join
the milling mass for minstrels.
Not yet May Day but like the first day
of spring off Lake Ontario when
everyone bolts to the porch.

Salt of earth

The Himalayan salt reveals
the most beautiful face
Worth a thousand ships
Worth a thousand miles
of hardship to see your face
by the light of Himalayan salt

Same Difference

This world has always
been filled with lies and truth
hate and love and indifference
ignorance and knowledge.

Wisdom and fools.

Today is no different
than it’s ever been.
But everything is different
because now it is up to you.

Sayings as old as mine

Cream and pond scum both rise to the top.

The wisest people are the most easily amused.

There’s an upside to everything.

Ignorance is bliss … and abundant.

Some folks are living proof that evolution works … in reverse.

It’s not mid-life crisis. It’s delayed gratification.

The only perfect human endeavor I’ve ever known is my grandmother’s chicken-fried steak.