Greetings! I’m Daniel Smith, and I’m curious. How does “the world” work? Why is it this and that way? What does it mean?

My parents — a moderate Baptist preacher and an English teacher — had a firm and distinct world view. Early on, I recognized that I had a different viewpoint. As an adult — chronologically if not mentally — I’ve explored nature (both the natural environment and the nature of things. YOU, by the way, ARE nature in action.) and paid the bills as a journalist, a speechwriter and a corporate communications strategist. The common thread in all that has been writing and exploring to satisfy my curiosity.

Alas, and thank goodness, my curiosity has never been satisfied. Hence, WhatGoesAround.Us to continue the search and the studies.

This space is an Idea Lab to explore concepts within a simple yet infinitely complex formula:

To Be = Been + Being + Becoming

If you’re interested in following along (or better yet, participating!), I will send an email summary of the latest goings on once a month at least and once a week at most. You can also join the WGA community on Facebook.


“What Goes Around” is both a question (what’s going on?) and a statement (what goes around comes around).

Ultimately what goes on around YOU reflects values. Your — and our — environment and experience is the result of values imposed upon you and also what you create (or don’t) as you live your own values. Let’s get real and talk about that.

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    David Edwards

    June 2, 2016

    Hey Dan!

    Thanks for the invite.


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