2. Waste Not, Want Not
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2. Waste Not, Want Not

In response to an alarming growth in willful ignorance, I simply must say that God did not call me — or you — to drive a spike through our brains and not think. The back half of that statement might sound as if it presupposes that God exists. But leaping to that presupposition — just as leaping without question to any presupposition — would be a mistake.

First, one has to define terms. Defining terms is always important for understanding. For purposes of this post, let’s define God as whatever it is that: 1) led to the creation of this universe we find ourselves in, and, 2) the energy at the continuing core of this creation. Stephen Hawking, a physicist who rejects the notion of a stereotypical “grandfather God” that is conscious, has said the universe created itself. Among credentialed physicists as well as physics aficionados — the scientific laity — Hawking is not alone in that view.

I myself lean towards that understanding of the “grand being” (a reference to the genesis and current state of creation rather than an attempt to anthropomorphize that causative and current source of energy).

However, I do not believe that’s the end of the story. The current consensus on physics can accommodate metaphysics — not the often overly simplistic concept of manifesting-by-wishing you see in “The Secret” movie or other flawed descriptions of the Law of Attraction, but metaphysics nonetheless and all the more.

I do not believe in magic. I believe in physics. And I believe physics can seem magical … i.e., miraculous.

But, everything that is and that happens occurs within physics, whether we understand physics or not. When Newton’s essentially mechanical universe was the rule of the day, Deism was the outgrowth — God as clockmaker and clockwinder, and the craftsman then sat back with His hands in His lap to watch time pass. Einstein tore the Newtonian veil and proved there is something more at play … something that seems odd. Miraculous.

So, in short, the universe created itself, and spirit arises from creation. Intelligence (using that term loosely!) clearly has emerged from the process of creation. Mind has emerged. Spirit has come forth through the eons-old processes of the world. In humans — and I believe in many if not most of humanity’s fellow higher-order animals and probably some plants — the universe has developed a consciousness.

Einstein did not prove that Newton was wrong and thus unreliable — the laws of motion are quite reliable and illustrative of “what goes around.” What Einstein did, in this regard, was prove that Newton’s understanding was incomplete.

The human endeavor has always been a movement towards a better understanding, both scientifical (yes, that’s a word) and metaphysical. Our application of that understanding is sometimes an improvement and sometimes a step back. Humanity seems to be perpetually crawling from and falling back into an abyss.

We did not create that abyss, but we do perpetuate it — through ignorance. To crawl out for good requires hope, thought, intent and action.

Thus, God did not call me to drive a spike through my brain and not think. My intellect, and yours … and my spirit, and yours … and my body, and yours … are resources to use and develop. To waste them is a betrayal of everyone and everything that has led you and me to this moment.

Perhaps it’s a waste of something far greater. It is certainly a waste of nothing less than everything that has ever been.